L'informatique vétérinaire est en pleine évolution

Vous serez en mesure de:

  • Plug in a computer anywhere to have full and fast access to all of your system
  • Be so intuitive and simple to use that a 1 hour training video is all you need
  • Use your mobile to call up patient information, price and record work done, order drugs

Ok, Not so revolutionary?

Try This!

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Your Computer will tell everyone what is happening

On an Hour-by-Hour Basis

  • Where they should be, hour by hour
  • Who is coming to see them
  • How long a surgery session is likely to take
  • Report any problems or potential problems immediately
  • Deal with absences, reassigning staff automatically

And to make sure everyone gets the message, it sends them all a text.


Make More Money

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Making Money...

No one likes to admit it, but that's why we all work so hard.

The Future Veterinary Computer System will evolve to constantly monitor all of your patients, everyday, make intelligent decisions and ACT on those decisions.

Your clients will come to you for check-ups, palliative care, advice and many, many other services...
...all organised by your practice computer.

Maximum Business - Zero Effort

An intelligent marketing department that works with super-human speed, 24 hours a day and for no wages.

Now, this is the REALLY important bit

Important Bit

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This amazing future has now come true

And the extra cost of doing all this?
In most cases - Nothing!

But - YOU Need to be involved

Here's How

So, too good to be true? Click Here to find out more about Verifac's track record in the Veterinary Software Industry.

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At no cost to you

We want to make this a partnership. It will cost you nothing except a few minutes to share with us your brilliant ideas!

In return, we will keep you informed of progress, your colleagues ideas and our implementation of your ideas.

In our 38 years of writing Veterinary Practice Software, we have never been so EXCITED!

So, wherever your Practice is based, please don't miss out. Fill in your details on the next page and be a partner in something immense...

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The Future of Veterinary Software

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